About Us

Have you ever found yourself working harder to make sure you receive that extra bonus at work? Or have you ever found yourself staying a little longer and doing a little more when there is a reward involved? What truly motivates you? Grades4life is about helping you to find that motivation and helping you to achieve success. Grades4life is an online incentive program for students K-12 that rewards students for educational and social accomplishments. Help stop bullying, pay it forward, or volunteer, and reward yourself. If we all received a Grade for life what would it be? Join Grades4life and let us help you to make straight A's.

Christopher Johnson, CEO

Chris Johnson received his undergraduate degree in Business marketing from Kean University and went on to complete his MBA from Centenary College. While working in the corporate world, he took on management and supervisory roles for fortune 500 companies enabling him to grow his knowledge and expertise in the business world. Outside of his work in the business world Chris remained very active within his community by mentoring youth. He always wanted to find a way to fuse the 2 together and with that Grades4life was born. Grades4life is the brain child of Chris Johnson who worked towards establishing a platform that allows the local and national community to get involved and help youth get a better grade for life.


Roesohn A. Little, Vice President

Roesohn A. Little started his career early in Retail and the Graphic Arts industry while attending Arts High school. Roesohn has worked in the retail industry for over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies acquiring vital leadership skills and many awards. Being a general manager in different industries, Roesohn learned how to deliver excellent customer experience while nurturing the minds of his employees. He has facilitated many projects and coached numerous teams to success. Being the entrepreneur that he is, Roesohn started THINKBIG Custom Tees a clothing supply company. While being a leader in the industry, Roesohn has worked with adults and children alike and has been a mentor to many. With numerous mentors and entrepreneurs in his life, Roesohn realized the importance of having someone to encourage you to greatness. Roesohn and Grades4Life was the perfect fit. Roesohn has a strong desire to have kids succeed and for them to see their future in getting a better Grade4Life.


Dana Spencer, Director of Business Partnerships

Dana received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Berkeley College and went on to complete her MBA from Centenary College. Dana has always exhibited a strong work ethic and held leadership positions for fortune 500 companies. Dana attributes many of the skills she learned about relationship building during the time she spent as an HR ambassador for a fortune 500 company. Dana is also very active within her community and has won several awards including receiving the New York Metro Leading Woman award for outstanding leadership.




Jolanda McLaughlin, Director of School Partnerships

Jolanda McLaughlin has over 20 years of experience working for fortune 500 companies in roles that support sales and infrastructure. Throughout her career she has had a successful track record maintaining and building on relationships with clients and increasing growth for her employers. Her success in the corporate world lead her to pursue her passion of helping to inspire self-confidence in youth. In 2011, Jolanda took that passion and became the CEO and founder of DAJAHVU a company that creates natural products to address skin and hair care needs for young people of all nationalities. Jolanda’s desire to make a difference and help provide youth with the support they need to succeed lead her to Grades4life to help make an impact on our next generation.