Grades4Life Rewards Program for Businesses

Almost every business has some sort of rewards program that allows them to retain existing customers and increase brand loyalty.  But what if you had a chance to work with a rewards program that allows you to reach brand new customers, retain your existing customers, and cut the cost of customer acquisition?  What if you had the opportunity to reward differently?  With the Grades4life rewards program your rewards directly impact the success of students everywhere.  When you partner with Grades4life, you partner with various schools, organizations, and institutions.  Your rewards make a difference.  Join the Grades4life Social Rewards program and together let's inspire the world.





  • Sign up as a business and join our school rewards program
  • Your rewards go towards
    • Anti-Bullying
    • Education
    • Community Involvement
  • As a member of our rewards program you instantly gain customers across multiple cities and states
  • Sign up as a sponsor of a school or an organization
  • Your sponsorship goes towards
    • Events
    • G4L Programs
    • Scholarships
  • As a sponsor students and families across multiple communities know they have the support of your business within their school. Have your business information promoted within the community and make a difference.