Grades4Life Contests

 Any of our Business Partners can get involved and create a contest to motivate an entire school or organization.

Grades4Life Transforms Your Community With Incredible Contests Aimed To Motivate Your Students, Upgrade Your Grade Average, And Promote Local Business. 

Does your student have un-tapped potential in their academic studies? Of course they do! Kids can—and have achieved incredible things, and your child is no different! 

By integrating one of our many contests into their school, Grades4Life can create the motivation and involvement needed for students to WANT to do better in school. In a recent study reported by USA Today, 7 different states were selected for a program that rewarded their students a cash reward for every Advanced Placement Exam that they passed. This program has been linked to a 30% rise in the total number of SAT and ACT scores.

When students are rewarded for receiving good grades, it has been statistically shown that they become motivated to doing better in school. It gives them a much larger sense of accomplishment, and builds their self-esteem to heights you never could have dreamed for your kids. This then improves your community’s education averages in test scores, classroom participation, and graduation rate, while creating a fun atmosphere where kids and teens can enjoy achieving their goals and building their future.

Find out more about how we help improve your schools education and how easy it is to implement our system.

Rewards—For Businesses With Grades4Life we allow students to turn in their grades for rewards. During our contests students that sign up for Grade4Life will be working towards receiving rewards from local and nation wide businesses. Businesses can join our Social Rewards Program and get involved with their community—enhancing your overall regional market opportunities.

Why should your local business get involved with your local school system? By involving your business in our program you will be supporting the growth and success of an entire generation of students. The future leaders of the world are in our school systems as we speak, but they need all the support they can get. You can be that for them, and establish your public image through our promotions while creating maximum exposure for your brand.

Ready to learn more about how your business can benefit from joining the Grades4Life Social Rewards Program?

Grades4Life Available Contests

Sign-up for free today! And start earning bonus rewards instantly. After Signing Up for Grades4Life join us on social media, and help spread the word—and the movement of showing each other compassion before hate, and supporting those who need it!

When you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, post a picture related to our daily activities, and hash-tag your post #Grades4Life + Daily Activity and you will become part of the Grades4Life team!

Once we decide on the best picture—that perfectly captures the message for the day, the winner will receive any of these great prizes—Grades4Life merchandise, discounts to our partner businesses, and so much more every day of the week!


Mondays #MakeSomeoneHappy

Have you made someone happy yet today? Mondays can be tough, make it easier on a friend or complete stranger and capture of photo of your experience to share!

Tuesdays #TackleBullying

Show your support and bring awareness to anti-bullying in school by showing off your “Be In The Know About Bullying” swag, and add a special message on how you feel personally feel about bullying or how its affected you.

Wednesdays #WorkOut

Stay fit and healthy is something that should be praised, don’t be a show off but let us know how you’re striving towards your fitness goals.

Thursdays #WhatMakesYouHappy

Tell us about what makes you happy—whether that be a person, place, activity, or thing we want to know!

Fridays #PayItForward

End the week strong with a good deed that benefits others instead of you. This is one of the best concepts that we believe in and we want to know how you’re paying it forward!