Definition of Bullying: A person uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

Bullying has become an epidemic throughout our school system. It seems to have only gotten worse over the years, with kids and teens suffering serious damage to their lives and to themselves.

•In a researched study conducted in 2007 by the National Center for Education Statistics, almost 1/3 of all American students aged 12-18 years old had reported being bullied, some even daily.

• About 30% of young people surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Department of Education in 2014 had admitted to bullying other students.

• Centers for Disease Control and Department of Education also found that 70.6% of young people said that they have seen bullying happening in their school.

The statistics should show you how real this problem has become for the youth of our country. Kids and teens all over the nation are suffering from these attacks, feeling

alone, lost, and unwanted. These effects can alter the way our youth thinks, and can cause catastrophic results when they are not addressed.

That is why it is important for parents, teachers, and all other authority figures that surround out youthful students, are not only aware of the problem but are helping their

child—and guiding them in a more positive direction. 


Grades4Life wants to initiate the fast-growing movement that is “Be In The Know About Bullying” and by partnering

with this incredible foundation and spreading their message, we can do our part in fighting against the injustice of bullying.


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