How It Works


Student Social Rewards Program

Sign up your School or your Organization and connect with businesses both local and national who will help motivate your students towards success with real world prizes and discounts.

It’s Simple:

How It Works

Schools sign up and offer this free program to their students. Students sign up individually. Progress can be tracked through the Grades4life website and mobile app by school admin and teachers.

Also Sign up for our Teacher/Mentor Rewards Program:

At Grades4life we recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into being a teacher or mentor. That’s why we want to reward you with real world discounts and prizes from our partners.

How It Works

For Tests & Quizzes*

A 3
B 2
C 0

*Max 9 per marking period

For Report Card Grades

A 15
B 10
C 0

Extra Credit/Bonus Points

Perform these activities And earn these rewards
Volunteering 2
Shopping at businesses within our network 1
Take a social pledge ie: anti bullying/ pay it forward 2
Providing social media testimony for businesses within our network 2
Attend or go to a tutor for extra help/tutor another student 2