Part of the Grades4life mission is to create and expand partnerships with local and national businesses that operate within our footprint. We partner with community-minded businesses in the following ways:

  • Volunteer Hours
  • In-Kind Services
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Donations
  • Fundraising
  • & More

We look forward to working together to help the worldget a better grade for life.

Our Partners

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Community Connections

Grade4life Organization

Grades4Life is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to facilitating programs and technology for local schools organizations, and communities. Our goal is to provide additional opportunities for success by working through the local community and partnerships.

Partnership Benefits

Developing a community engagement strategy can have an extremely positive impact on local economics and the overall community. How would developing a partnership with the local school district which is connected to thousands of community residents help your business? Likewise, as a business owner how

can your business support the school district which is known to be the backbone of the community. At Grades4life, we help you make these type of partnerships supporting both your business and the community.

As a business partner within the program, you can create campaigns which can be used to create partnerships with local schools,

community organizations, and other businesses. Your campaign will allow you to do the following:

Traditional forms of marketing including print distribution, media, and marketing campaign implementation can cost between $5,000-$10,000 and have no direct community benefit. With Grades4life we facilitate programs year-round all designed to create engagement and benefit the overall community. Each Grades4life program creates interaction and promotion between our

business partners and community residents. A partnership at any level can go a long way in providing ROI for both your business and the community.

The Grades4life web and mobile application are used in local schools and organizations where your brand gets to make an impact in the daily lives of families. Get to know your community by creating contests and partnerships or engage your community during the next Grades4life event. It’s your community let us help you reach them and make a difference.