Our goal is to help the world

get a better grade for life!

Grades4Life is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to facilitating programs and technology for local schools organizations, and communities.

Our goal is to provide additional opportunities for success by working through the local community and partnerships.

Grades4life works with schools, organizations, businesses, and communities with a host of programs that foster engagement in positive social and academic activities.

Our goal

To serve as a model for a focus on well-rounded youth and citizens by encouraging active participation in socially conscious causes and volunteerism. Through partnerships and collaboration, we are able to get everyone involved with helping everyone get a better grade for life.

Grades4life offers technology and programs to help motivate youth towards higher achievements. Through collaboration and partnerships Grades4life offers a solutions designed to connect communities through education.


  • Technology rewards program
  • Assemblies and events
  • STEM Programs